About Your Engines Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your car's engine. And it goes without saying that clean oil works better than dirty.


When placed in an automobile, oil coats all of the surfaces of your engine in a thin film, cushioning the metal parts so that they don't grind together and wrench apart from friction. At the same time, oil captures all of the waste by-products from engine operation, holding them in suspension.


Flowing through a vehicle on its own, oil would soon become saturated with contaminants, which is why we have filters to protect a vehicle. The problem is, these filters do not provide the level of protection you need to ensure your automobile is safe from long term damage and wear.


Did you know that while oil and fluids have continued to innovate, car filters have not changed their design for 50 years? Even the best synthetic oils, if dirty, will cause a slow death to your vital engine parts.


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