Magnafilter - An Attractive Solution

Attracting bad can be good, with MagnaFilter!

MagnaFilter instantly starts removing the danger of small hard metallic particles in your oil and fluids through our patented magnetic filtration technology.

Attached to your normal car filter or transmission line, oil is forced to pass directly over a powerful magnet, attracting and holding the small particles in place. This magnetic screen ensures that with every pass, your oil gets cleaner and cleaner, reducing wear and saving you time and money in the long run.



Some products in the market strap on, slide in or stick to the exterior of your spin-on filter, but these are clumsy and unreliable - after all, a magnet works best as close as possible to the target metal. MagnaFilter is the only filtration technology on the market to allow your oil to flow directly over the magnetic surface, ensuring the maximum attraction of damaging particles for the cleanest and longest lasting engine.


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