The simplest and cheapest way to attract engine cleanliness, performance and longevity!


To maintain engine oil flow, spin-on filters must be porous. This means the filter elements has millions of tiny holes to let the oil flow through, as well as millions of microscopic wear-metal particles that are causing your engine damage over time.


The unique MagnaFilter Magnetic Filtration Technology removes these damaging particles, attracting the bad so your engine remains good. In fact, MagnaFilter doubles the power of your engine filtration system in three easy steps.


The MagnaFilter design means it will never reduce oil flow – even in the most severe conditions. Our multi-seal gasket gives a superior seal with all types of spin-on filters, on both new and used vehicles and it wont effect your new or used car warranty.


MagnaFilter is designed to clean your oil with every pass, ensuring optimal performance. It provides maximum protection for 10 or more oil changes, or 80,000 kilometers – that’s like driving twice around the world!







  • Doubles the power of the engine filtration system
  • Patented multi seal gasket provides the best protection on the market
  • Installs for 80,000 km. That is twice around the world!
  • As easy to install as attaching your regular spin-on filter
  • Fits 95% of all passenger vehicles and light trucks, in any condition

See how easy it is to install a MagnaFilter in your vehicle in three easy steps.

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