For Fleet & oEm

If you are a Fleet Manager, Plant Operator or Commercial User, the MagnaFilter range of products provides a cost effective and simple solution to greatly enhance your fleet’s long term operational reliability and servicing costs. With MagnaFilter improving your engines oil, and MagnaFine improving your vehicles transmission fluids, you will help to keep your vehicles on the road longer, and avoid costly transmission failures.


Data from a fleet industry survey that analysed 3,200 failed transmissions revealed that 29% of failures were related to restricted cooler flow and pan-service concerns. Additional data indicates that 26% of exchange transmissions that failed within 12 months or 12,000 miles did so due to cooler restrictions, stuck valves and solenoid malfunctions. All of these failures are the result of excess contamination in your transmission fluid.


Only MagnaFilter and MagnaFine provide scientifically proven solutions to reduce this failure thanks to our Magnetic Filtration Technology.


With Magnafine in-line transmission filters installed, pan servicing is unnecessary. With MagnaFilter Engine filters installed, your engines are running cleaner, which improves performance and longevity.


Benefits include:

  • Easy installation
  • Save time, by extending the life of your oil, and the life of your engines
  • Save money, by reducing unnecessary wear, and eliminating costly repairs over time

Purchase a MagnaFilter product today, and start saving your operation valuable time and profit.